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Remote Troubleshooting

Is your in-house produced web site going badly wrong? Are you struggling to get things to work via the Internet that work perfectly on your own computer? You could be loosing business rapidly - would you buy from a company who can't get their web site to work?

A situation like this is very common. You have to ask yourself how valuable your time is and what you could be earning in the time taken to solve the problem yourself. Is it worth it?

Sky-Web can examine your site and problem pages, and give advice to solve your problems on a no fix no fee basis. In some cases we can even make a copy of your troublesome pages and email you the cure. We charge the same fee per page to fix your problem as if we had designed the page for you from scratch.

We will even do this if you have a site of your own already up and running - although you should add a link to our site as a thank you.

We can also provide an anti-spam email link for all your pages, for a one-off fee of £50.
Normally spammers will find your email address from your web page, but we can stop them. Reduce the amount of spam you recieve with this well proven simple feature, which prevents robots finding your email address from your web pages, yet is perfectly clear to human visitors.


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