About the girls

Anne Taggart and Angie Wright had been singing regularly as individuals at many folk clubs in the Chester and North West area of the UK for several years, meeting up by accident quite often. Eventually they became good friends and, as their musical tastes were very similar, decided to get together as a duo in 1999. They gelled so quickly that the same year they played support to Tanglefoot at Northwich Folk Club, became regulars at the Ship Victory Jam Nights on Tuesdays and The Raven Folk Club on Sundays (initially at The Liver Inn, Chester and now based at the Cross Keys in Chester). Eventually after several strong nudges from appreciative friends and audiences, they were persuaded to tackle some folk festivals, where they have gone down very well.

The girls accompany themselves on guitars, but it is their unaccompanied close harmony singing which has become their trademark. Their songs come from many sources, both traditional and contemporary, with the odd humorous number. Their beautiful voices blend together perfectly and entrance audiences wherever they go, resulting in return bookings and excellent reviews.

Like many other performers, their love of the folk genre, their enthusiasm and obvious enjoyment of singing makes their sets sparkle and they are always greatly appreciated wherever they play.

Despite a reviewer's insistance that "Anne 'n' Angie" was a better name (perhaps spelt as An-An-An-Gee ??) they have resisted the pressure to change their name.

Before teaming up, they were involved in the music scene in several ways. Anne Taggart played in several cabaret and dance bands in the North West between the late 70's and mid 80's, then took time off to have three kids, before returning to folk clubs. Husband John "Dixie" Taggart is a wizz on the keyboards, currently playing piano for the Dave Roberts Quartet - a jazz band doing well in the Cheshire area. He used to be the keyboard player for The Dooleys for four years, touring the world.

Anne's favourite singer is Joan Baez, and she is influenced by "the blonde one in Abba" because, she says, they look alike. Pardon?

Angie Wright has sung regularly as a solo artist, initially for personal pleasure as a floor singer, and then as a solo artist at folk clubs. She was part of the trio Cadence, based in the Wigan area and also sang in the Salford Choral Society for a couple of years. Angie has worked with several children's choirs and found it very satisfying when they did well at competitions.

One of Angie's favourite singers is Joni Mitchell. Other musical influences include Coope, Boyes and Simpson, Christine Collister, James Taylor, and loads more!

Despite appearances they are not sisters. (That's Anne and Angie, not Angie and Joni. Well actually, none of them are sisters, but you know what I mean.)