Taggart and Wright Photo Gallery

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Happy on stage together

Glasson Festival 2004

Anne and Angie, Glasson Festival, 2004

Glasson Festival 2004

Chester Garden Music Festival

Rob the Roadie finds a way in

Holmfirth Festival

Rob the Roadie finds a way in

Some gigs are harder to get to than others

Rob the Roadie finds a way in


...but always get the roadie to check the door is open before making the journey yourself...

Angie shows she can climb to the top

On the way to Muck, Angie supervises the luggage

Angie and the luggage

On the way to Muck, we see
the roadie at work

The roadie at work

Open Mike Session at the Chester Festival 2004

Chester Festival 2004, Click for a bigger version

At the Raven Folk Club's 25th birthday party.

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At the Middlewich Folk and Boat Festival Winter Warmer

Click for a better view of the Winter Warmer image - it's winter , hence the woolly jumpers.

Angie, at the Saddleworth Festival
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Angie gets mobbed by a fan

Angie's biggest fan on the Isle of Muck (another woolly jumper)

Sunset on The Orkneys

Orkney's sunset

Angie decides to try some rock and roll as a new musical venture.

Angie investigates a n Orkeny's visitor  centre

Standing stones on the Orkneys
Standing stones on Orkey

Among the ancient monuments on the Orkneys
Ancient monument