Folk Links

There are a lot of good web sites on various aspects of folk music. Rather than attempt to produce an encyclopeadic list of such sites, here a few that we like. We've tried to include a variety of sites on different aspects of folk and traditonal music, not just sites that match our own style. We hope to expand this list at regular intervals as our site builder (john) and our trusty roadie (Rob) help us track down interesting places for you to visit.

If these aren't enough, you can find more web sites via this special customised folk search engine.

UK Folk Festivals is a great site which lists almost all the folk music festivals in the UK. It's regularly updated and every link is checked before being included, so no groups of links pointing to an old site from six years ago. Festivals are arranged by country and then date, making it easily to find them. Clicking a festival name reveals more details in an expanding box.

fRoots The site of fRoots magazine. The magazine has been covering traditional and modern music from around the world since 1979. The site lists the monthly contents, charts and lists, album reviews, competitions, selected features from previous issues and a track listing from all previous cover disks. If you can't get hold of the magazine itself, get a taste of it here.

The Living Tradition This is another traditional music magazine with an online presence. As is standard, a summary is available for the current issue, but previous issues can be found online with a selection of articles to read from each issue. Album reviews feature again, there's a newsletter, some artists' web sites at the same server (although at present some are still being upgraded) and The Listening Post, their on-line mail order shop which includes reviews of some CDs for sale.

Musical Traditions Originally Musical Traditions was a paper based magazine covering may styles from different countries, but eventually ceased publication. It is now an on-line magazine, with plenty of articles to read, many reviews and news items, and an online shop. Lots of useful addresses, and other stuff.

freefolk This was Mike Raven's online folk magazine.
Note: Seems to be for sale now, with just some links to other sites.

Folk and Roots Not a magazine as such, but it has a fair number of reviews and is expanding all the time. Covers folk and acoustic music. Has an events list and a good collection of links to individual artist's web sites. Under journals they list many other online folk and traditional music sites. It came as no surprise that the list included several of our favourite places as well.

Folk Orbit Folk Orbit: The website that lets you know where Acoustic Live Root Music and Dance can be found near you in England, Scotland and Wales.

Chester Folk Survivors Covers the Chester Festival, past, present and future. Useful links to folk events in Chester in the immediate future.

The Music Cafe The Music Cafe wass dedicated to the promotion of music of any sort in the Cheshire area and produced an online magazine
Note: Seems to be for sale now, with just adverts displayed.

The Raven Okay, we've performed here regularly in the past, but it's still a good place. It's a folk club / pub in Chester.

Northwich Folk Club A club we enjoyed performing at just as much as we enjoy attending it. The club meets in The Harlequin Theatre bar on Fridays.

Middlewich Festival A festival that is continually increasing in popularity and quality. Oh, nearly forgot, we've played there, go back there again and the atmosphere is great.

Cleckheaton Folk Festival Another popular festival we were very pleased to perform at.

Open Door Folk Club We had a great time there and thought we'd give them a link. Their "extravaganzas" are very popular indeed.