Captive Heart - second solo album by Angie Wright

Angie's second solo album is available for £6.99. Call 01738 850739 for a copy.

1 Thinking like Dylan (A. Wright) 4:45
2 Cry of the World (A. Wright) 2:19
3 No looking back (A. Wright) 3:36
4 Cheshire set (A. Wright) 2:40
5 Heroes & Demons (A. Wright) 3:24
6 Leaving Orkney (A. Wright) 3:06
7 Gaudete (Traditional /
A. Wright)
8 The Soldier (Humbert Wolfe) 3:40
9 Butterfly mp3 (1.9 Mb) (A. Wright) 2:03
Angie's second CD, Captive Heart

This is Angie's second solo album, and seven of the tracks were written by her alone, with the other two having either the words or the music written by Angie. It was produced and recorded by Bill Malkin at Shamwari Studio, Christleton, Chester, and completed in May 2006.

Angie would like to thank Graham Bellinger, Bill Malkin, and Mick Horton for their time and talent so generously given as supporting artists on these tracks. And to Anne for additional vocals.

See also Angie's first solo CD, recorded in 2004.